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Hotel /Hospital Washing System

Keep your clothes looking spotless, however dirty they get. With the touch of a button, the Bubble Soak function helps remove a wide variety of stubborn stains, like blood. Clothes are thoroughly soaked in active bubbles, so any dirt and stains are loosened and can be removed much more effectively.

Digital Inverter Technology utilizes strong magnets for a quieter and more powerful performance but consumes less energy than a Universal Motor. By eliminating the use of brushes, it provides outstanding durability

Give your home a stylish look and feel. The Crystal Gloss Door, in transparent White or Ocean Blue, offers the ultimate aesthetic pleasure. Unlike any other finish, it reflects the light and infuses your home with an ocean-like calm. The door handle is also 45 degrees higher, so its easier to open.

  • 6 Preset Program (Normal / Heavy / Quick Soft / Quick wash
  • Delay Wash
  • Child Lock
  • LED Display
  • Power off Memory back
  • Aluminium Motor