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Biomass Fuel Steam Generator

The products are produced in strict accordance with the standard specifications, strength calculation and standard process flow of B-class boilers. The steel plate with the thickness of 24 mm is inspected by magnetic power in the welding seam to ensure the quality of welding process. The weight of the furnace body is more than 2 times heavier than that of the same model on the market.

Forced circulation structure, fast water flow speed, high heat transfer efficiency, effectively reduce the scale of the furnace.

Equipped with ADINA independent floor type control cabinet, full touch screen controller, control system with Internet of Things remote monitoring function, to achieve mobile APP control, one-click operation, five-speed fire size adjustable fire; Safe, simple and flexible, the induced draft fan is controlled by the inverter and can be adjusted according to the steam load.

Built-in energy saver and external waste heat recovery, double absorption of flue gas heat, more energy saving steam production speed, only 4-5 minutes after the normal fuel can be raised to 0.4mpa.

Special large furnace chamber design, fuel applicability is wide, can burn wood strips, wood chips and waste materials and other fuels. The high temperature flue gas flows in the large channel, the cleaning is simple, and the multi-directional cleaning overhaul is configured to ensure that there is no dead Angle in the later cleaning maintenance.

The bottom left and right two collector access port is convenient to observe the scale or impurity deposition in the water pipe wall of the furnace at any time, early detection early prevention of scale deposition, to avoid the occurrence of pipe explosion, this type of biomass steam generator is used to replace the coal-fired boiler within 20 tons, old inefficient biomass boiler, but also the best product to do energy management services.

Model ADSG-BWP 1000 Qty 1Set
Measured Evaporation Rate ≥940kg/h Rated Operating Pressure 0.8Mpa
Applicable Fuel Biomass Fuel Rods Thermal Efficiency 90%
Fuel Consumption 180-190kg/h Feeding Motor Model 180W/50KB
Blower Power 1.1kw Induced Draft Fan Power 5.5kw
Safety Valve Diameter DN40 Water Inlet Diamater DN25
Steam Outlet Dia DN50 Furnace Drain Dianmeter DN25*2
Chimney Diameter ø273 Body Dimensions 3480*1500*2765mm
External Stock Bin Dimensions 1100*1100*1950mm External Waste Heat Recovery

And Dust Collector Size

Overall Shipping Dimensions 4200*2900*3370mm Body Weight 6500KG
Applicable Power Supply 3 phases  380V  50HZ Overall Shipping Weight 7000KG

100 KG, 1000 KG, 200 KG, 300 KG, 600 KG