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• The thermal efficiency of the boiler is greater than 82%, which is higher than the national standard requirement.
• After the water circulation loop is simplified, the water circulation flow resistance is reduced, and the flow velocity in the riser pipe is increased; for the hot water boiler, the left and right water walls with large water circulation flow resistance are equipped with backwater jetting devices. The reliability of the water circulation is improved, and the safe and stable operation of the boiler is ensured.
• Arrange enough heating surface, so that the heat released by fuel combustion can be fully absorbed by the heating surface and then transferred to the working medium, and the exhaust gas temperature is lower than 160℃.
• Reasonably arrange the front and rear arches to increase the furnace temperature and at the same time strengthen the disturbance of the flue gas in the high temperature zone, reducing the loss of chemical incomplete combustion and the loss of fly ash.